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catch the albino pig!
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Monday, February 27th, 2006
6:14 pm
Hi. =] I'm fairly new at selling on LJ (started 2/27/06), but I have bought from a good number of people. I am trying to get rid of some stuff that have been gathering dust at the back of my closet, and some DIY things...

Cash, Personal Checks (must be cleared first), and M.O.s are accepted. Sorry >>, I don't have Paypal.
Shipping prices are included unless otherwise noted. Shipping itself is done every day. =]
I am not held responsible for any lost packages in the mail.
No deadbeats.
Payment is due in 2 weeks. Buyer sends payment out first.
Trades... may be welcome. Show me what you have.

e-mail at monki3s@gmail.com. Please leave feedback in this post.

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